Hockey East Tournament Final Preview: Lowell

Mike McMurtry

Win and you’re in.

The Huskies are in the championship game of the Hockey East tournament for the first time since some time in the eighties.  This team has never looked better.  Score aside, they smashed BC last night.  Northeastern is rolling.

Lowell has to be gassed.  They essentially played two games in a row last night.  I know they have Kevin Boyle.  He’s awesome.  He’s their team.  Northeastern played a team last night in a similar situation.  They put up five on Demko, and a much better defense than the River Hawks’.  A goalie alone can’t stop this offense.  They’re too hot.  I feel so good about this it.

I know this isn’t the preview this game deserves but I’m too excited to sit here and write it all out.  There’s plenty of real life writers talking about the Huskies now.  Let’s get after it tonight.


Week 20 Reaction: Blasé Blasé

Garret Cockerill

2/12/16: Northeastern 5, UMass 0

2/13/16: Northeastern 4, UMass 2

I don’t know if this is really going to make sense, and I know it won’t be popular, but I wasn’t really that impressed with Northeastern this weekend.  The Huskies did earn a conference sweep against the Minutemen.  They did outscore UMass 9-2.  But it’s UMass.

While Northeastern dominated the first game in Amherst, it was more UMass being bad than anything.  After a scoreless first where the Minutemen were kept in the game by big saves from Nic Renyard (really), things fell apart for them in the second.  Aston-Reese scored early and five minutes later Roy scored his first of the season.  After that, it was like UMass gave up.  Northeastern completely controlled the rest of the game, but it was like UMass wasn’t even trying.  So, yeah, the Huskies scored five goals and shutout the Minutemen, but they were giving minimal effort for more than half the game.

Northeastern had all sorts of trouble in the Saturday game.  After quickly jumping out to a two goal lead, the Huskies blew the lead in the second period.  Northeastern was struggling to keep the puck on their sticks.  UMass was actually applying pressure.  If it wasn’t for the Minutemen repeatedly taking penalties, I’m not convinced the Huskies take two points from the night.  That game was much, much more uncomfortable than it should have been.

The one thing that stood out for the Northeastern was special teams.  It made the difference for the Huskies, especially in Saturday’s game.  UMass was shut out on their powerplay chances in both games.  Meanwhile, Northeastern scored four powerplay goals in their ten chances.  Three of their four goals Saturday came with the man advantage, and they were actually outscored by the Minutemen at even strength.

It’s weird to sweep a conference series, outscore the opponent by seven, and say it was a little unimpressive, but that’s what it was for me.  The Huskies crushed UMass on Friday, but the Minutemen were barely even there.  Meanwhile, you can’t knock Northeastern for UMass’ lack of effort.  Saturday it was their special teams that saved them.  Without the powerplay and penalty kill executing, it’s hard to say that the Huskies win that game.  I know it’s a kind of negative look on this weekend’s play considering the outcome, but I can’t really get excited about what we saw.  Luckily, the rest of the regular season is an absolute cakewalk.

Week 20 Preview: UMass

Trevor Owens

The schedule takes a much easier turn for the Huskies as they begin the soft end of their season this weekend against UMass.  As good as Northeastern has been in the past few months is exactly how bad the Minutemen have been.  Maybe worse.

Although the Minutemen started out the season with a 4-0-1 record, they have come right back down to where we all thought they would be.  The team just broke a nine game losing streak on Tuesday by beating AIC (the last ranked team in Pairwise) in overtime.  Somehow that is not UMass’ longest winless streak this season, after going ten games earlier in the year without a win.  From November 7th at UConn up until Tuesday’s game, the Minutemen had only one win.

UMass ranks last or near last in the conference in almost every category this season.  Goalie Nic Renyard’s .896 save percentage is only ahead of Merrimack’s Collin Delia (by a huge margin of .001).  The Minutemen have given up by far the most goals per game this season.  They also have the worst penalty kill.  Surprisingly, UMass actually isn’t terrible offensively, sitting at eighth in Hockey East in goals per game.  The powerplay is even better, ranking seventh.  They’ve scored seventeen goals in their last five games.

So hey, you’ve got that.

Northeastern, coming off kicking ninth ranked Harvard’s teeth in, is by far the better team.  They’ve been undeniably one of the hottest teams in the country.  The Huskies have just a single loss since the first week of December.  We’re looking at a program on the other side of the ice that is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen.  I’d be shocked if UMass can even keep it close.

Week 19 Preview: Lowell

Team Celebration

It was against Lowell at the Friendship Four in Belfast over Thanksgiving break that Northeastern started their much improved play from the earlier part of the season.  Though the Huskies lost that game in hearbreaking fashion (naturally) it sparked their eventual run in December and January.

Since that weekend, Lowell’s season has seemed to take an opposite turn to Northeastern’s.  While they come into this weekend’s game with a 6-1 record in the month of January, it’s actually not as impressive as it seems.  They did go 1-1 against Providence, but the other wins came against Arizona State, UMass, and UNH.  Before that, after beating the Huskies the River Hawks went on to struggle against Brown in the Belpot championship game, get swept by UConn, and lose to Robert Morris.  Their only win in December came against Clarkson.

Lowell is by no means a bad team.  They’re currently 11th in the Pairwise and have a pretty good 53.2 close CF%.  Their success is heavily influenced by goaltending and special teams.  Goalie Kevin Boyle has been fantastic this season.  His .938 save percentage is tied for highest in Hockey East.  The River Hawks have only given up 1.65 goals per game, good for best in the conference.  While their offense is mediocre, they have the third best powerplay in Hockey East.  Paired with the second best penalty kill percentage (and lowest powerplay goals given up), they have second best net special teams in the conference.

Although Lowell is pretty good and has been ranked highly all season, they are certainly beatable.  The Huskies nearly did while paying their worst hockey of the season.  Hopefully Northeastern can get back the momentum they had build coming into this month.

Week 9 Reaction: Pretty Good

Team Huddle

11/27/15: Northeastern 2, Lowell 3 (OT)

11/28/15: Northeastern 7, Colgate 1

While they didn’t win the Belpot this weekend, I’d say the Friendship Four was pretty, pretty good for the Huskies.

Northeastern looked to be the better team for the majority of the first game against Lowell.  They even managed to not give up a goal in the first period.  While leading for the majority of the game, the Huskies managed to outshoot the Riverhawks.  The way that game ended was obviously disappointing (and so Northeastern it hurts).  You had to know exactly what was coming before it happened, with the Huskies putting Lowell on the powerplay at a minute left.  The game-winning goal also wasn’t anything to write home about, leaving a Riverhawk wide open in the slot.  I don’t think taking the fourth ranked team in the country to overtime is anything to be too upset about.  Northeastern played really well on a bigger surface (which doesn’t suit their style) and outplayed a top team.

Saturday the Huskies, like many of you this weekend, met up with an old acquaintance to try to score again.  And score they did.  After a 1-1 first period, Northeastern exploded for five second period goals.  The Huskies pretty much had their way with Colgate all day.  This was their first win since the week one matchup with the Raiders, and it was a decisive one.

This weekend didn’t go as well as it could have gone.  They didn’t make the championship game.  They blew three leads throughout the weekend, including one that cost them the first game.  The penalty kill is still a disaster.  But they skated well with a top five ranked team, and took them to overtime.  They got their first win since week one and completely dominated that game.  The goaltending is looking better every week.  So, no, they didn’t win, but you can feel pretty good about the team coming out of the Friendship Four.

Week 9 Preview: Friendship Four

2015 Friendship Four

Northeastern extends it’s study abroad program to the hockey team this weekend as they partake in the Friendship Four in Belfast.  UMass Lowell will be the first opponent they’ll give the international business to on Friday (I’ll stop).

Lowell isn’t quite the cure for the struggling offense that the Huskies could hope to match up with.  The fourth ranked Riverhawks have the second best scoring defense in Hockey East, averaging only 1.31 goals against per game.  Goalie Kevin Boyle has been fantastic all season, posting a conference leading .956 save percentage.  I wouldn’t count on this being the week where the Northeastern powerplay finally gets going either.  Lowell has only given up six powerplay goals all season.

Keep in mind, however, that Northeastern has had great performances during Thanksgiving weekends before.  It was just last year that the Huskies knocked off number one Minnesota during Thanksgiving weekend.  The year before that, Northeastern won the Shillelagh Tournament all the way out in Indiana.  They lost to St. Lawrence the next year but whatever.  The year before that?  Beat Michigan.  I’m not saying that this is definitely a pattern and the Huskies will definitely beat Lowell, but that’s basically what I’m saying.

Let’s be honest here; whoever comes from the other side of the bracket doesn’t stand a chance against Northeastern in the championship game.  Come on, the Huskies play in the SEC of hockey.  Who’s in the EZAC?  How many teams did they have in the championship game?  Not worried.

I can’t wait to see our boys lift the first ever Belpot Trophy, turning Belfast and all of Europe into Northeastern fans.  Sláinte

Week 17 Preview: UMass

Dalen Hedges

In a little over an hour Northeastern will play a game against UMass in Amherst.  This is actually a pretty big game for the Huskies as they look to put up conference points to remain in the home ice spots.  They do actually need a win here.

However, I really can’t get myself up for this game.  I honestly can’t say that I’m all that excited.  This is Beanpot time.  I can’t focus on a team Northeastern stomped into the ground the last time around and hasn’t been anything but awful.  We’ve go BU on Monday (maybe, blizzard willing)  So, sorry everyone.  This is all I’ve got tonight.  I’ll still be watching the game and hopefully the team is more focused on the Minutemen than I am.  Go Huskies.