Hockey East Semifinal Preview: BC

Goal vs. Boston College

We’re here.  Nobody thought we’d be here, but we are.

So BC is good.  They won like a billion awards.  They’ve got Thatcher Demko, God’s gift to hockey apparently.  They’ve got by far the best offense in Hockey East.  They’ve got the conference’s third best defense.  They commit a trillion penalties a game but kill them all off.

BC is not invincible.  Not even close.  In the two game series the teams played, the Eagles outscored the Huskies by a single goal.  Their previous series against Vermont not only took three games, but went to overtime.  Vermont is a decidedly bad team, with the second worst offense, below average defense, and by far the lowest net special teams in the conference.   They’re 3-6 in the last month.  Struggling against the Catamounts is not a good look for BC.

Northeastern and BC also played the exact same opponents in TD Garden this year (crazy right?).  They also have the exact same aggregate score between those two games, except the Huskies didn’t need extra time to get to +2.  Take away the empty netter and Northeastern’s actually better. 

This is another case of the Huskies, who are on a tear, matching up against a team who has taken a step back. We’ve seen Northeastern rip teams in that situation to shreds.  Now I’m not saying we’ll get a Notre Dame-esque blowout.  I think the Eagles have a good chance of keeping it close.  But Northeastern is the team of 2016. 


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