Week 15 Reaction: Brooms

Ryan Rosenthal

1/8/16: Northeastern 3, St. Lawrence 0

1/9/16: Northeastern 4, St. Lawrence 2

The Huskies complete their domination of the ECAC this weekend with a two game road sweep of St. Lawrence.  If the ECAC has anyone else they want to try, bring em out.

Northeastern was able to get out to a good start in both games, shocking the world by taking early leads.  They continued to surprise everyone, by closing out both games with strong play.  While playing with the lead, the Huskies outshot St. Lawrence 31-16 combined in the third periods.  You could almost see them blowing the third period lead on Saturday night, as the Saints brought the game within one.  But, Northeastern held strong and scored with under two minutes left to lock up the sweep.

The powerplay looked really, really good.  Friday night, the Huskies were technically shut out on the powerplay, but Kurker’s goal came immediately after one had expired, and they were able to move the puck around and create chances all night with the mad advantage.  Northeastern scored twice on the powerplay on Saturday night, which ended up being the difference in the game.

Northeastern did struggle in both second periods this weekend.  While Friday’s second was actually pretty even, it was a noticeably worse period than the first and third.  The Huskies were lucky to not to get scored on in Saturday’s second, let alone come away with a goal.  Luckily for Northeastern,  Ruck was on top of his game and stopped everything shot his way in those second periods.  Ruck has been killing it lately, getting his first shutout and first three career wins in the last three games.

Pretty much the only real negative for the weekend was the amount of penalties the Huskies took Saturday night, causing frequent appearances of arch nemesis Northeastern Penalty Kill.  Despite the wishes of  the St. Lawrence commentators, we don’t want to see more of Northeastern Penalty Kill.  We’ve seen enough of that guy.  He sucks.  Keep him on the bench.

This was by far the best weekend the Huskies have had this season.  Let’s hope they can carry some positive momentum forward as it’s all Hockey East teams through the rest of the season (except for the possibility of a Harvard Beanpot matchup).


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