Week 14 Reaction: Find a Way

Mike Jamieson

1/2/16: Northeastern 3, Quinnipiac 3

Saturday night Northeastern outplayed Quinnipiac, the number one team in the country according to Pairwise.  They put up three goals on the best defense and one of the best goalies in the country.  They scored two powerplay goals against the sixth best penalty kill in the country.  They held the team who generated the fifth highest shot total to 23 shots.  They looked really good and weren’t defeated by the top ranked Pairwise team.

But, once again we’re left disappointed by the Huskies.

This isn’t the first time this season that Northeastern outplayed a top tier opponent and didn’t come away with the win.  In fact, it’s actually become a pattern.  Last month, the Huskies outplayed BC in two games and couldn’t win either.  The weekend before that, they outplayed Lowell and lost in overtime.  This is certainly an annoying trend they’ve started.

It wasn’t even that Quinnipiac turned it on late and were able turn it around.  They were outplayed all the way to the end.  The goals they scored were Northeastern mistakes.  The first one came from a rebound where the puck wasn’t cleared from the front of the net, sitting out there just waiting to be put in.  The second Quinnipiac goal was a brutal softie from Ruck (who otherwise played a solid game), immediately after the Huskies had tied it up.  The third goal almost made me send a beer through the TV.  At the end of the third period, while trying to close out a huge upset, the Northeastern Huskies took a horrible, horrible too many men penalty.  The Bobcats’ great powerplay connected, erasing the lead and forcing the game to go to overtime.

Quinnipiac coach Rand Pecknald after the game said that the Bobcats “stole a tie,” a sentiment echoed by Jim Madigan.  I’m not sure I have much more to add to those quotes; they sum it up pretty well.  Northeastern played better than the number one Pairwise team and the country, and still can’t come away with the win.  They once again found a way to disappoint this season.


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