Week 14 Preview: Quinnipiac

Kevin Roy

Some rando EZAC team is coming in to Matthews to take on the Huskies tonight.

So, apparently this Quinnipiac team is supposed to be pretty good.  They’re currently the top ranked team in the Pairwise.  They’re sporting a 57.5 close CF%.  They’re outscoring opponents by 2.3 goals per game.  They went unbeaten for their first 17 games this season, the longest for almost two decades.  Goalie Michael Garteig is one of the best in the country with a .946 save percentage.  Fine, I’ll admit that they on the surface appear to be a solid team.

But, the Bobcats are playing their third game in less than a week, after their midweek series with Princeton.  Meanwhile, the Huskies have played just one game since the first week of December, and are undefeated in that time.  Quinnipiac’s only loss of the season came at home against BU, a 4-1 defeat.  Northeastern also has a 4-1 home loss against BU, as well as a 5-4 road loss, a significantly closer game.  I don’t mean to get real technical with everyone, but I’m pretty sure that statistically actually means the Huskies are the better team in this matchup.  Plus, when they played at Quinnipiac last year Northeastern only lost by one goal in each game.

Yeah, Quinnipiac looks like they’re a great team, but with Matthews sure to be packed on this winter break night, I wouldn’t count out the Huskies.


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