Week 12 Preview: Michigan State

Dylan Sikura

Northeastern wasn’t letting the lack of a football team get in the way of participating in bowl season.  In case you have somehow managed not to hear, Michigan State is coming to Matthews this weekend with their hockey team and a couple of their less popular teams.  Presenting: The Roby Bowl

The capstone of this weekend’s bonanza is a matchup between two teams in the bottom 20% of college hockey.  The Huskies will have their hands full with this red hot team.  The only win the Spartans have since sweeping UNH on November 6th and 7th (lol) is against Wisconsin.  Michigan State

On the flip side, Northeastern has been looking better lately.  The Huskies were the best team last weekend against one of the best teams in the country in BC.  The week before that, Northeastern picked up their first win since week one.  Things are looking up at Historic Matthews Arena!

In all seriousness, this is a really cool event.  It’s rare to see campus buzzing about sports events.  It definitely is this weekend, even with finals and kids going home for break.  I really hope we get more of these going forward.  It’s cool for other schools to bring multiple teams over, and gives Northeastern students a chance to see big name programs.  Kudos, Roby.


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