Week 10 Reaction: Better I Guess?

Zach Aston-Reese

12/5/15: Northeastern 3, BC 3

12/6/15: Northeastern 3, BC 4

That was an absolutely brutal way to end what was a pretty good weekend by the Huskies.  A horrible, horrible third period took away a huge upset against Boston College.

Northeastern put together five periods of really, really good hockey against by far the best team in Hockey East this week.  Even after going down 2-0 in the first period of Saturday’s game, the Huskies looked like the better team for the majority of the period.  The forecheck was working, keeping the puck in BC’s end.  Northeastern absolutely dominated the third period.  Helped by the lack of discipline from the Eagles, we ended up with a very lopsided shot chart for the third period (via BC Interruption).  The Huskies out attempted BC 32-6 in that period alone.  Northeastern went on to dominate the overtime in that game as well, giving up only one shot in the extra period.  Overall, it was a good really good effort put together from the Huskies.  Thatcher Demko was essentially the only thing keeping Northeastern from winning that game.

The Huskies carried that performance on in the Sunday game, jumping out to a two goal lead, both from Eric Williams.  The controlled play for the majority of that period.  Even when BC put up a goal in the second, Northeastern answered almost immediately.  They were still playing really well in the second game.  Then the third period happened and ruined all the good vibes from the weekend.  The Eagles scored two quickly to tie the game, followed by the lesser Gaudreau giving them the lead halfway through the period.  Northeastern barely saw the puck the entire period, and just looked generally terrible.  I don’t really know what happened, they just sucked all of the sudden.  They were sloppy, they were slow, they were awful.  They essentially gave away two league points, not that it matters anymore.

That one period really took down what had been a great weekend for the Huskies.  They were the better side against a great BC team.  They did it without three of their best offensive players.  They came back from an early 2-0 deficit.  They scored first period goals.  They even scored two powerplay goals (although they went 0-6 Saturday).  I should feel happy about how Northeastern played against a top team in the country.  The should have come away with three league points.  But they completely fell apart for one period, tearing it all back down.  This sucks.


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