Week 9 Reaction: Pretty Good

Team Huddle

11/27/15: Northeastern 2, Lowell 3 (OT)

11/28/15: Northeastern 7, Colgate 1

While they didn’t win the Belpot this weekend, I’d say the Friendship Four was pretty, pretty good for the Huskies.

Northeastern looked to be the better team for the majority of the first game against Lowell.  They even managed to not give up a goal in the first period.  While leading for the majority of the game, the Huskies managed to outshoot the Riverhawks.  The way that game ended was obviously disappointing (and so Northeastern it hurts).  You had to know exactly what was coming before it happened, with the Huskies putting Lowell on the powerplay at a minute left.  The game-winning goal also wasn’t anything to write home about, leaving a Riverhawk wide open in the slot.  I don’t think taking the fourth ranked team in the country to overtime is anything to be too upset about.  Northeastern played really well on a bigger surface (which doesn’t suit their style) and outplayed a top team.

Saturday the Huskies, like many of you this weekend, met up with an old acquaintance to try to score again.  And score they did.  After a 1-1 first period, Northeastern exploded for five second period goals.  The Huskies pretty much had their way with Colgate all day.  This was their first win since the week one matchup with the Raiders, and it was a decisive one.

This weekend didn’t go as well as it could have gone.  They didn’t make the championship game.  They blew three leads throughout the weekend, including one that cost them the first game.  The penalty kill is still a disaster.  But they skated well with a top five ranked team, and took them to overtime.  They got their first win since week one and completely dominated that game.  The goaltending is looking better every week.  So, no, they didn’t win, but you can feel pretty good about the team coming out of the Friendship Four.


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