Week 9 Preview: Friendship Four

2015 Friendship Four

Northeastern extends it’s study abroad program to the hockey team this weekend as they partake in the Friendship Four in Belfast.  UMass Lowell will be the first opponent they’ll give the international business to on Friday (I’ll stop).

Lowell isn’t quite the cure for the struggling offense that the Huskies could hope to match up with.  The fourth ranked Riverhawks have the second best scoring defense in Hockey East, averaging only 1.31 goals against per game.  Goalie Kevin Boyle has been fantastic all season, posting a conference leading .956 save percentage.  I wouldn’t count on this being the week where the Northeastern powerplay finally gets going either.  Lowell has only given up six powerplay goals all season.

Keep in mind, however, that Northeastern has had great performances during Thanksgiving weekends before.  It was just last year that the Huskies knocked off number one Minnesota during Thanksgiving weekend.  The year before that, Northeastern won the Shillelagh Tournament all the way out in Indiana.  They lost to St. Lawrence the next year but whatever.  The year before that?  Beat Michigan.  I’m not saying that this is definitely a pattern and the Huskies will definitely beat Lowell, but that’s basically what I’m saying.

Let’s be honest here; whoever comes from the other side of the bracket doesn’t stand a chance against Northeastern in the championship game.  Come on, the Huskies play in the SEC of hockey.  Who’s in the EZAC?  How many teams did they have in the championship game?  Not worried.

I can’t wait to see our boys lift the first ever Belpot Trophy, turning Belfast and all of Europe into Northeastern fans.  Sláinte


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