Week 8 Reaction: As Bad As You’d Expect

Zach Aston-Reese

11/20/15: Northeastern 2, Providence 5

11/21/15: Northeastern 0, Providence 3

In the interest of not boring everybody by going over the same problems they’ve had throughout the season, I’ll just focus on the new issues the Huskies brought to the table this weekend.  There’s only so many times you can talk about the same issues plaguing a team before you lose it.

Fortunately for us all, Northeastern managed to be swept by Providence in a slightly different manner than the one we’ve all grown to love.  Friday night, the Huskies actually did manage to dig themselves out of their customary early deficit.  They even held a lead in the second period, before giving up five unanswered goals to the Friars.

What is certainly concerning for Northeastern is that they weren’t able to put any pressure on the Friars, even when down by multiple goals.  You would expect to see high shot totals from a team down as they desperately try to catch up.  This has been especially true of the Huskies so far this season.  Northeastern spent significant portions of each game down, and was still outshot by Providence.  It was very noticeable Saturday night, when the Huskies were down almost the entire game and were never once able to get anything going offensively.

The powerplay has also recently shown itself to be completely ineffective.  This weekend, the Huskies managed only five shots on eight chances with the man advantage.  On those same eight powerplays, Northeastern actually gave up four shots to Providence.  They just weren’t able to capitalize on the chances given to them by the Friars.

Look, Providence is obviously really, really good.  They’re the top ranked team for a reason, and although Nate Leaman keeps denying it, they are the defending national champion.  While the inability to get anything going while down a bunch, or on the powerplay are obviously bad signs, Providence is a great defensive team.  They’ve only given up 284 shots all season.  So yeah, not a great weekend, but it’s pretty much what you could expect.


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