Week 7 Preview: Notre Dame

Kevin Roy

The weight of a conference rest on Husky shoulders this week.  Northeastern leaves civilization this week to take on the black sheep of Hockey East in South Bend, Indiana.

By almost any statistic Notre Dame appears to be a perfectly average of the road team.  They sport a 48.4% even strength CF%.  They are in sixth place in Hockey East.  Excluding UConn they’ve even split every series they’ve played this season.  They’re Even Steven!

The only non-average aspect of this Notre Dame team is the goaltending of Cal Peterson.  You might remember Peterson from being a jerk last year and not letting the Huskies score.  Luckily for Northeastern he seems to have become more generous in his old age (he’s a sophomore now) and has been much less stingy giving out goals.  Notre Dame given up three or more goals against everyone they’ve played so far this season except UConn (again).

On a related note, our Northeastern Huskies seem to finally figured out how to score on the road, putting up ten goals in the last three away games.  Unfortunately, this may not actually be an away game.  The Huskies are 4-1 on Notre Dame’s ice, and have already won a tournament there.  As American history has shown, when you show up somewhere and completely dominate the inhabitants, that places becomes yours.  As Northeastern has dominated Notre Dame in Compton Family, by the laws of Manifest Destiny this is a home series for Northeastern.

There’s no way around it; the Huskies will simply have to figure out how to score at home if they want to win this week in South Bend.


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