Week 6 Reaction: Beer Goggles

Dylan Sikura

11/6/15: Northeastern 4, BU 5

11/7/15: Northeastern 1, BU 4

I’m going to start off this post by throwing in the disclaimer that I didn’t watch the Friday game and had been enjoying homecoming quite a bit before the game Saturday.  My observation and analysis of the weekend may be a little tainted.  In a lot of ways this weekend was a perfect reflection of homecoming.  A wild and action packed Friday night out was followed up by a sluggish, painful headache of a day back on campus Saturday.

From all accounts the Huskies kept up with a very talented BU team on Friday night.  They were able to come back from two different BU leads, taking a lead themselves in the second period before giving up two unanswered goals in the third.  Northeastern once again showed its ability to score goals quickly, putting up two in a 0.5 second span (or something around there).  They also showed their tendency to give up goals just as quickly soon after.  Saturday they just looked bad.  They weren’t able to generate any offense at all until  BU was up by two and score effects started to have an impact.  That first period was one of the worst I’ve seen Northeastern play.  Penalties once again hurt the Huskies’ ability to get anything going offensively, a recurring theme for recent Northeastern teams.

If there’s a positive to pull from this weekend, it’s that freshman goalie Ryan Ruck looked solid Saturday night.  He didn’t receive much help from the defense in front of him this weekend, leading to the high goal totals on his record, but he did at least look good to me.  Hopefully he can actually be a viable option for this team going forward.

I’m not going to take too much from what I saw on Saturday.  Record aside, this team is still in the top half of Hockey East talent wise.  BU had been playing well coming into the game and adding Grzelcyk certainly had a massive positive impact on the team.  I still think Northeastern will be fine.  Whatever.


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