Week 4 Reaction: Frustrating. It’s Frustrating

Adam Gaudette

10/29/15: Northeastern 2, Vermont 3

10/31/15: Northeastern 3, Vermont 3

The things that have plagued Northeastern are just incredibly frustrating.  It’s the same problems over and over again with this team.  They dig themselves holes early, and they have really struggled in their own zone.

Thursday night saw the Huskies control play for the entire first period, and come out of it down by two goals.  Saturday night, Northeastern almost managed to go a whole minute before falling behind to Vermont.  The Huskies started out the second period that night by giving up another goal 35 seconds in.  With the exception of their only win in the first game of the season, Northeastern has given up the first goal in every single game.  I know it’s a dumb thing to say, but having to come back from a deficit every single game makes it exponentially more difficult to win.

Northeastern’s play in front of their own net is almost shockingly poor.  I spent a good amount of time during the games this weekend marveling at how casual they were with clearing out pucks.  There was a constant presence of Catamounts unmarked in high danger areas.  The turnovers Northeastern had were completely inexplicable.  I legitimately do not understand what is happening back there.  With both goalies struggling early in the season (fourth worst team save percentage nationally) you’d think the defensemen would be extra alert to dangers in their own end, but the opposite appears to be the case.  If Northeastern wants to have any chance this season, the defense needs to get it together.

As I’ve said throughout this season, there is plenty of talent on this team, which is why it’s been so frustrating.  They are still leading the country in close CF% and are third in 5v5 CF%.  The problems they’re having are preventable.  The Huskies can turn it around, much like they did last year.  But, as they have done so many times already this year, they’ve dug themselves a hole they now have to attempt to climb out.


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