Week 2 Preview: Bentley

Ferriero Cody _ Bentley _  Jan 5 2013

Bentley, the neglected sibling of Boston area hockey teams, is Northeastern’s opponent this week in an out of conference home-and-home matchup.

The Falcons are coming off a tough weekend against those very same Mercyhurst Lakers whose achievements I extolled last week.  Bentley wasn’t as fortunate as last week’s opponent, Colgate, and was rolled by Mercyhurst both nights that weekend.  Northeastern outscored Colgate by 1, who outscored Mercyhurst by 1, who outscored Bentley by 3.  Ipso facto, by the transitive property, Northeastern should annihilate Bentley this weekend.  Their goaltenders have a combined even strength SV% of .865.  The Huskies’ shooters should have a ball with that duo in net.

Northeastern looked really, really good on Saturday.  They absolutely dominated play, much more than the score would indicate.  The Huskies posted a 64.5 CF% close (compare with Bentley’s 45.6% this weekend).  Last week and in the preseason game, Northeastern showed themselves to be particularly proficient in possessing the puck in the offensive zone.  Even though Northeastern didn’t live up to my 127-0 prediction last week, I do think that controlling the game against a team like Colgate is a very positive sign for the team.  Meanwhile, Bentley appears to have some sort of phobia about actually maintaining possession.  Spending all game in your own zone with subpar goaltending doesn’t seem like my cup of tea, but to each his own.  I love this matchup for Northeastern.  Everything is pointing to another big weekend from the Huskies.


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