Hockey East Round 1 Reaction: Brick Wall

3/6/15: Northeastern 2, Merrimack 3 (OT)

3/7/15: Northeastern 1, Merrimack 2 (2OT)

I don’t really have much to say here.  Like I said earlier in the week, the only chance Merrimack had against Northeastern was if Tirronen was amazing.  He was and they won.

I thought Northeastern was by far the better team in both games this weekend.  At points the Huskies completely dominated play.  Merrimack went long periods of time without even sniffing the Northeastern net.  The Huskies just weren’t able to make enough of their opportunities count.  Tirronen was amazing, making 63 saves and allowing just a single goal on Saturday.  It wasn’t even like he had been on a hot streak coming into this weekend.  He had been inconsistent for the whole second half of the season.  Tirronen was just playing on another level Friday and Saturday and Northeastern couldn’t beat him enough times to win.

It’s a really disappointing end to the season.  We saw that this team was capable of beating anyone on any given night and it was a team that hadn’t won in a month and a half that beat them.  The season ending goal itself was questionable (not enough to overturn it anyway).  It was a brutal way to go for the players, especially for those who won’t be back again.  They did just about all you could ask of them and it still wasn’t enough.


One thought on “Hockey East Round 1 Reaction: Brick Wall

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