Week 19 Preview: Maine

Zach Aston-Reese

Northeastern heads to Orono this weekend to take on the Black Bears of Maine in the second to last series of the regular season.  For some reason, everyone talking about this series brings up how tough of a place the Alfond is for opposing teams.

I ain’t scared of you, Maine.  So what if Northeastern hasn’t won there since 2008?  The Huskies beat UConn last week against their bizarre home ice advantage at the XL Center; how much tougher can Alfond be?  There is nobody in the country hotter than Northeastern.  The Huskies haven’t lost since January 10th, the only loss of 2015.  Aside from annihilating UConn last weekend and beating UMass the week before, all of those wins for Northeastern came against good teams.  Maine’s 2015 sports losses to UConn and UMass (though I will concede they do have a couple good wins).  I don’t think there’s anyone on that defense who can stop this red-hot Northeastern offense from doing whatever they want.

The Huskies will also be coming out guns blazing to try to better their position for postseason play.  They’ll need these wins to try to grab a first round bye in Hockey East (or the matchup against UMass; same thing I guess).  Obviously, if Northeastern wants any shot at making the NCAA tournament they need all the wins they can get.  They especially can’t afford to lose to lesser opponents.  So, don’t expect the Huskies to be looking ahead to the Beanpot on Monday.  Leave that to those of us babbling incoherently about them on the internet.


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