Week 18 Reaction: Northeastern University Hat Tricks

Kevin Roy

2/13/15: Northeastern 9, UConn 0

2/14/15: Northeastern 6, UConn 1

I’m not sure I’ve seen many performances as dominating as that in my life.  From the very beginning of the first game, if just seemed like everything was going the right way.  Every movement was so precise and in perfect rhythm.  I was in awe, and not a single person in the arena could look away from the action  So here’s to you, Tambourine Guy.  You wowed all of us, and for that we thank you.

Seriously though, Northeastern looked AMAZING this weekend.  There wasn’t a single thing I could see that they had any trouble with.  They dominated every aspect of both games.  It was just one long, sustained possession in the UConn zone after another.  When UConn did manage to get it into the Northeastern end, it was quickly removed.  The passes were awesome.  There were two (Northeastern) Huskies with hat tricks on Friday, and Kevin Roy picked up Warrior Player of the Week honors with seven points.  If you want to nit pick you could point to the penalty minutes taken on Friday night, but it was actually same amount as UConn.  It was a chippy game; I’m not worried about it.  Just about everything from these games was a positive.

Poor Rob Nichols, UConn’s goalie, played every single minute of this beatdown of a weekend.  You wouldn’t know it from these two games, but he’s been one of UConn’s best players this season.  I don’t know what he did to end up on the ice for the entire time, but it must have been something awful.

I’m legitimately worried for Maine this upcoming weekend.  Northeastern is on a tear and appear to have eyes on the NCAA tournament.  NU is ranked 20th in the Pairwise and received 29 votes in the USCHO poll.  It’s not crazy.


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