Week 17 Preview: UMass

Dalen Hedges

In a little over an hour Northeastern will play a game against UMass in Amherst.  This is actually a pretty big game for the Huskies as they look to put up conference points to remain in the home ice spots.  They do actually need a win here.

However, I really can’t get myself up for this game.  I honestly can’t say that I’m all that excited.  This is Beanpot time.  I can’t focus on a team Northeastern stomped into the ground the last time around and hasn’t been anything but awful.  We’ve go BU on Monday (maybe, blizzard willing)  So, sorry everyone.  This is all I’ve got tonight.  I’ll still be watching the game and hopefully the team is more focused on the Minutemen than I am.  Go Huskies.


One thought on “Week 17 Preview: UMass

  1. This game means more in the long run than a Beanpot win on Monday. Surprised to see Witt in net tonight over Derick Roy who over the last month has proven himself as a solid back-up. Against a weak UMASS team, Derick would and should have gotten the nod. Let’s see how it plays out.


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