Week 15 Preview: Vermont

Zach Aston-Reese

The road doesn’t get any easier this weekend as the Huskies take on 10th ranked Vermont at the Gut this weekend.  After Saturday’s games Northeastern will have played seven straight games against ranked opponents.  Also of note, another weird scheduling thing makes only the first game of the series a Hockey East game.  Maybe that’s lucky for Northeastern.

Vermont was Northeastern’s opponent in the opening game of the season and easily dismantled the Huskies, beginning that horrible start of days gone by.  Since then Vermont has gone on to post one of the best seasons in hockey.  They are especially good at home with a 7-1 record.  Their goalie, Mike Santaguida, has by far the best save percentage (.956) and goals against average (1.23) in Hockey East.  In addition to their number one rated defense, they also have the third best offense in the conference.  Also, they don’t take penalties, taking away the bullets for Northeastern’s most effective gun.  The penalties they do take are defended with Hockey East’s best penalty kill.  Everything’s great.

BUT all hope is not lost.  As we have heard over and over again, Northeastern is on a hot streak (except for last Saturday which doesn’t count because I said so).  Every college hockey publication on the internet has referred to the team as “resurgent.”  Vermont recently hasn’t been as great as they had been, losing two of their last three (don’t look at the seven wins in a row before that).  So, while all of the evidence is pointing to a rough weekend in Vermont for the Huskies, I believe. This team did beat Minnesota, after all.


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