Week 13.5 Reaction: Take That, Nerds

Mike McMurtry

1/6/15: Northeastern 3, Yale 2

The Huskies are three games into 2015 and already have three comeback wins.  Northeastern came back from two goals down in the first period and with 3:14 left in regulation Mike McMurtry put one home on a powerplay to take the lead, his first of the year.

Once again, I think we can boil down the success in this game to the same factors.  I’m going to get the special teams out of the way right now, because I’m sure those of you that read this are tired of hearing about it.  Northeastern limited the penalties to just three (a miracle for them, really) and didn’t allow a goal on any of them (another miracle).  On the flip side, two of the three Husky goals came on the powerplay.  The powerplay has shown itself to be a strength of the team again this year.  It’s going to be important going forward to emphasize that strength while limiting an obvious weakness, the penalty kill.

Another good goaltending performance was one more key factor in the win.  Derick Roy was in net again for Northeastern, making 28 saves.  The two goals that were allowed were a deflection of a Husky skate and an one from odd man rush.  This was the first game I was able to attend in person since Homecoming, and I’m about 95% sure I heard him wheezing in net.  Battling through adversity and turning down distractions is exactly what we need from this team.

This Yale game was a perfect example of what Northeastern needs to do to win against high caliber opponents.  When playing against excellent defenses, like Yale’s, they’ll have trouble maintaining possession in the offensive zone.  While this can certainly be frustrating, limiting penalty minutes and taking advantage of powerplays is the way to still generate offensive chances.  The goaltending of Witt and Roy, apparently, will give the Huskies a chance to win every single game.

PS – Not sure where else to put this, but Hobey Baker nominated Kevin Roy has ten points in his last four games AND got is 100th point.  Dude’s killing it.


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