Week 13.5 Preview: Yale

Guerriero _ Jason _ Yale hire

We have a weird Tuesday night home game against Yale this week, giving us a chance to beat up on some nerds.  Unfortunately for the Huskies, those nerds are pretty good at hockey.

Yale comes into this game winning six of their last seven, and will be getting John Hayden back from representing USA in the World Junior Championship.  Northeastern may have trouble continuing their high scoring trend against Yale.  The Bulldogs only allow 1.62 GAA, which is tied for first in the ECAC.  They’ve been one of the best shot-surpressing teams this season, allowing only 336 shots on net this season (compared with 564 allowed by Northeastern).  Behind that defense is goaltender Alex Lyon, posting a .934 save percentage.  On a similar note, they feature one of the best penalty kills in the country with an 88.6%.  Hopefully that doesn’t negate Northeastern’s powerplay, which has been one of their strengths as of late.

Northeastern will have a tough time playing the style that has worked for them.  They likely won’t be able to get as many shots off as they have so far this season against such a suffocating defense.  Although I’d love to see a Husky win going into the weekend’s matchup against BC, I’m a little concerned.  I can definitely see Northeastern getting frustrated trying to have offensive success against Yale and end up taking costly penalties.  Fingers crossed they can stay focused on Yale tomorrow night and head into the weekend with big time momentum.


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