Week 13 Reaction: Meh


1/2/15: Northeastern 3, St. Lawrence 3

1/3/15: Northeastern 4, St. Lawrence 2

I forgot to write a preview for this week’s games against St. Lawrence, sorry.  I was still in break mode and unprepared for this weekend, and it looked like both these teams were, too.  However, the Huskies were able to come away with three points after hosting the Saints for both games.

Both games this weekend featured Northeastern comebacks and scoring late in the game, which is usually a recipe for a pair of exciting games.  That was not the case.  These games were filled with sloppy play, penalties, and an ABSURD amount of St. Lawrence offsides.  There were 53 combined penalty minutes this game, prompting St. Lawrence coach Greg Carvel to whine about the refs.  We know Hockey East refs are bad.  They are not favoring Hockey East teams; they just aren’t very good at their jobs.  Relax.

The penalty situation once again came back to bite the Huskies in the first game.  They were given eight opportunities and used them to score all three of their goals.  The opposite was true in the second game with Northeastern killing all the penalties and converting two of their five powerplay chances.  I’ve harped on it over and over this season so I won’t get into the penalty stuff again but they are not taking them at the absolute worst times (looking at you Aston-Reese).

There were two main positives I saw through the garbage that was this weekend’s games.  I loved seeing the ability to come back, especially in the first game.  Although they didn’t come away with the win, they came back from a 3-0 hole two salvage a point.  It’s a much needed ability in a season that started out as poorly as this one did.  The other thing I liked was the way both goalies came to play.  Friday we saw our usual great Clay Witt performance and on Saturday Derick Roy got his first win of the season.  Both goalies were excellent this week and will need to be going forward for Northeastern to continue success.  So, even though the quality of play wasn’t very good this weekend, Northeastern earned three points and once again showed promising signs for the rest of the season.


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