Week 11 Reaction: Shooting Gallery

Clay Witt

12/16/14: Northeastern 8, UMass 3

Christmas came early (and Hanukkah right on time) for the Huskies with a gift of a game in Amherst on Tuesday.

Northeastern put up an eight spot against UMass on the road, including five goals on the powerplay.  The Huskies chased starting goaltender Henry Dill just halfway through the first period.  In those ten minutes Dill posted a respectable 25% save percentage and allowed just three goals, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the Minutemen.

In all seriousness, this was not all the fault of UMass goaltenders.  Northeastern was able to pass the puck around the offensive zone with ease, giving them great quality chances on net.  UMass also then compounded their problems by taking bad penalties and giving an effective Northeastern powerplay nine opportunities.  At one point the Huskies had scored five powerplay goals on just six shots (to put that in context, three teams in Hockey East have six or fewer powerplay goals this season).  Although they were getting outshot by the UMass, the chances Northeastern was getting were incredible.

All in all, you really can’t read too much into this game.  It’s a great way to head into the break and end the first semester, but UMass is a pretty terrible hockey team.  They aren’t exactly a measuring stick.  It was really interesting to watch an opposing team do exactly what had irritated Northeastern fans, especially myself, from the other side.  We had complained earlier this year about other teams doing whatever they wanted in the Northeastern zone and the Huskies taking tons of penalties, some especially stupid.  That was UMass on Tuesday.  I like being on this side much, much better.


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