Week 9 Reaction: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Colton Saucerman

12/3/14: Northeastern 1, Providence 5

12/6/14: Northeastern 2, Providence 1

I dunno.

I have no clue what to make of this team.  I got nothing.  Some days they look like doormats, sometimes they look like they world beaters.  Wednesday was the former and apparently Saturday was the latter.  When it looks like they play well at home and poorly on the road, they do the opposite.  You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Wednesday at Matthews the Huskies looked awful.  With the exception of about half of the first period, they were completely outmatched in just about every aspect of the game.  After taking an early lead, Providence scored five unanswered goals.  Northeastern was having the same problems they had to start the year.  They struggled to clear their own zone and could not sustain possession in Providence’s.  It was painful to watch.

But then, apparently we were good in Providence on Saturday?  Couldn’t watch the game, but listening to the audio broadcast on WRBB I came away with the impression that the Huskies were actually the better team and deserved the win.  Jim Madigan’s postgame comments seemed to further that thought, calling it the best 60 minute effort the team has had.  If that is the case it was certainly hard to tell from the stat sheet with the Huskies being outshot by the Friars by 12.  Thankfully, Clay Witt again came up huge, posting 37 saves and keeping Northeastern in the game.  Since I didn’t see the whole game it’s hard for me to say how well the team actually played.

One thing that I can say for sure is that penalties continue to kill Northeastern.  I know I’ve said it in like 90% of my posts, but it remains the biggest problem for the team.  In the two games this past week the Huskies took 13 penalties.  That’s not out the norm for this team; they average 12.9 penalty minutes per game.  This issue is exacerbated by the team only killing 72.5% of those penalties.  38.8% of the goals Northeastern has allowed this season have come while on the penalty kill.  I don’t mean to keep harping on it, but it continues to be a huge problem with the team and is not addressed.  Madigan didn’t mention penalties once in his press conferences this week, but blames things like effort and toughness for losses.  I don’t really know what to make of this Jekyll and Hyde team, but the penalty issue needs to be addressed.



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