Week 7 Preview: Merrimack

Clay Witt

Hope you’ve enjoyed the win streak (one game) Northeastern has put together, because it is not likely to continue this weekend.  This week the Huskies have another home-and-home, this time against Merrimack.  The Warriors provide a pretty troublesome opponent for Northeastern, and I personally am none too confident they’ll be able to come away with a win.

While you could debate how good Merrimack is as a team, it’s pretty easy to say they’ll be a nightmare for Northeastern.  This season, Northeastern has struggled getting the puck out of their own zone and keeping it in their opponents’.  Guess what?  That’s exactly the aspect in which Merrimack excels.  Merrimack has out shot their opponents by 100 shots this year.  That’s nuts.  On average, they have more than ten shots on net per game than their opposition.  They also have a top five penalty kill this year in the country (best in Hockey East), another area Northeastern has struggled with.  Expect the freshman line Merrimack throws out there to give the Huskies’ defense problems.  They’re faster than every single one of Northeastern’s defencemen.

Clay Witt will have to be a brick wall (again) this weekend if the Huskies want to have any chance of winning.  Merrimack is a possession machine and a brutal match up for Northeastern.


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