Week 6 Preview: New Hampshire

Mike Szmatula

That’s right, Northeastern fans!  It’s homecoming!  After a long road trip your Huskies men’s ice hockey team is finally returning home to Matthews Arena (don’t tell anyone the last game played was a home game).  Northeastern takes on the New Hampshire Wildcats in a home-and-home this weekend.  The bad news: Northeastern has only one win in their last ten matches with New Hampshire.  The good news: UNH is the only team behind the Huskies in the Hockey East standings.  It should be noted, however, that New Hampshire has only played two Hockey East games, as opposed to the four for Northeastern.

The Huskies have a fairly good chance of coming away with their first win of the season.  New Hampshire is playing at a lower level than the teams Northeastern has played so far in this season, with the exception of maybe UMass, so there’s that.  Unfortunately, Northeastern hasn’t even really been competitive in those games (except for the Lowell tie), so UNH playing poorly doesn’t necessarily mean Northeastern will do any better this time.  It also remains to be seen at this time if Clay Witt will make his return to the crease.  For some reason GoNU.com is referring to the goaltending situation as a “platoon” even though Roy has started the last six games.  Witt hasn’t even dressed, so they aren’t particularly useful in determining the goalie situation.

I’m optimistic Northeastern comes out of this weekend with a win.  UNH hasn’t been great and you have to think there’s at least a tiny bit of a fire being lit under Husky ass this week.  Remember, it was New Hampshire who last season ended the Huskies’ season in the Hockey East tournament so they should be extra fired up, right? Right?


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